So…Controversy of a Sort…And it’s Just My First Day.

Well, when I’m not working on the doctoral stuff I’m teaching. I was hired at a local community college last week and classes begin today.

During my HR session the other day I was presented with a State of California Affidavit form – basically an oath stating that I would support and defend the constitution of the State of California. I asked the HR folks about it and was told it was optional, so I told them I was opting out of signing it.

This morning HR just called and the Vice President of HR wants to meet with me at 1pm today, regarding my refusal to sign the form. When she asked if it was a religious reason I told her that “No, it’s political. The State of California is denying me my constitutional rights to equality; therefore I’m not going to sign the form. I am serving the students of California, not the State.”

So…now I have a meeting.

If it becomes a condition of my employment I will sign it, but I will also make a notation on it stating that I’m signing it because it was made a condition of my employment. High morals won’t pay the mortgage.

Tonight: First classes at aforementioned CC, more reading for the EdD.