Of Ships, and Gingerbread, and Dreams; No Shoes, No Ceilingwax, and Definitely Not Cabbages and Kings

Well, take one slightly-at-loose-ends doctoral student, some free time, some gingerbread, and a ridiculously deep love of Stargate: SG-1, and you get this. I give you, the USS George Hammond, in gingerbread.

Just for fun I documented the process, so here we go…

First, I found one of the few images of the ship online.

Next, came the gridding process. I numbered the faces of the ship and then, as best as I could, drew them out in 2-D on graph paper.

Then came the gingerbread part. I rolled out the dough as thin as possible, then cut shapes and carefully laid them out on the sheets to bake. It got a bit confusing at times!

Early launch bays, drying after initial frame-in. I went through loads of icing! It was actually pretty good physical therapy for my still-healing hand.

The roughly put-together version.

Adding detail to the launch bays.

The nose of the ship with the two smaller launch bays. I’m assuming those are for the gate-ships, not the X-304’s.

The main body of the Hammond. I’m not a good enough icing piper to spell out the entire name, so I went with the initials. The red/white strips hint at the nifty ship patch they’ve used in the show.

L’ artiste at work!

The completed ship! Left oblique view.

Head-on view, as if flying by in an X-302.

Right oblique view.

A completed project!

Overall, the entire project took about 72 hours, if you add everything up. Lots of fun and very relaxing.  Now, onto other things.

Tonight: Dinner out and Avatar. Yay.


It’s a Ginger Wonderland…

A small little house for my buddy Tony.

My ginger village.

The artist at work. Note that I am *not*
working on my literature review. :::sigh:::

So, it’s that time again. It’s pouring here in LA and I *love it*! Can’t get enough rain, if you ask me, I really do love it. I finally got a leg up on my lit review, the last of my four heavy-duty semester assignments.

My grades are posted, the LR is 1/3 done, so I treated myself to an afternoon of playtime. No Gingergate this year, but made a gingervillage instead.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Happy Kwanzaa/Happy Hanukkah/Good Solstice/Etc…to all and sundry.

Tonight: writing for fun.