Brut Ad Advocates Violence Toward Gays

Yes, I am supposed to be writing a paper. Or two. And a dissertation. And the book. I am doing one of the aforementioned and have the game (Vikings vs. Cardinals) on in the background.

Just now an ad came on for “Brut Cologne” and featured a man talking about how he goes antiquing, “not because my wife makes me, but because my [insert French words here] étgére would look silly without the matching [insert more French words here] cabinet.”

There’s a jump cut to a hand pouring liberal amounts of a cologne into a hand and then a long, slow-motion shot of the now cologned hand slapping the face of the man in the ad. After the slap he shakes his head and says, “Ah, there’s my manhood.”


So…if you’re a man who understands the French terms above and knows when something doesn’t match something else, or a man who truly enjoys talking about that stuff, or simply a man who doesn’t give two bits about scratching himself in public and swapping spit with a woman, all you need…IS A SLAP?

How is this ad NOT advocating violence toward gay men? In fact, their ad campaign is “Some Men Just Need to be Slapped.”

You have a man who has just expressed some non-traditional preferences for furniture (as in, he knows an étegére from a coathanger) and he’s “slapped into manhood.”

Let’s, for fun, turn that around, shall we? Let’s create an ad with a woman in a t-shirt, wearing a tool belt and measuring a door. She looks into the camera and says something to the effect of, “I think if we reposition the framework we can adjust for the load-bearing needs of this room.”

Cut to a picture of someone pouring perfume from a suitably flowery bottle onto her work-scarred hand. Now let’s do a long, slow-motion shot of her being SLAPPED with that hand.

Then she can say, as she drops her tool belt and applies lipstick, “I think I’ll whip up a mousse for my man…and put on a pretty dress. Ah, there’s my femininity.”


And they wonder why homophobia is still so prevalent in our society?

I’m off in search of a contact number/email for Brut. Hmm…the best I can find is this: Web-based feedback.