I Don’t Want a Moment of Silence

You know what?

I don’t want a moment of silence. I want a moment of noise.

Loud, roof-raising, earthshaking noise!

We have served in silence.
We have taught in silence.
We have worked in silence.

No. More.

You want to “stand with us?” Fine. Stand there.

Better though, in the words so often uttered in leadership and other training, to “lead, follow, or get out of the way.” Want to be with us? Fine. Bring it. We want your noise. We want your words. We want your actions to speak louder than those words. 

Don’t just stand there, do something with us. Be a voice with us. Make a noise with us. Note that I do not say to do so for us, but with us. That matters. We are not unempowered. We are not weak. As my friend KG MacGregor so eloquently said, we are not afraid.

What we are is damned tired of it all.
The moments of silence.
The lifetimes of silence.

I have said it before, if 26 first-graders can be mowed down by a man with an assault weapon and NOTHING IS DONE TO STOP ACCESS TO ASSAULT WEAPONS for civilians, then we are, all of us, in danger.

Guns do kill people. Guns in the hands of people who, for the most part, got them legally (in a severely flawed system), kill people. This is not the “wild west” of old. Those advocating for “open carry” as a way to fix this are, in short, delusional. If that worked in the 1800’s, we’d still be doing that. We’re not. Why? Because people with sense prevailed.

Let people with sense prevail again.

So, keep your moment of silence. Let your voices ring out and say, no more.

Go out, make noise with us.


One Comment on “I Don’t Want a Moment of Silence”

  1. emlynchly says:

    Well said – that was my first thought also – A moment of silence will no longer do it for me – I need action.