The Project…Update.


I “truckbed” sprayed the underside of the new flooring and did the same to the inside. Especially the area that will become a wet-bath (still looking for a good place to buy one, any ideas?).

Ripped out old electrical and replaced with new, ripped out interior wood and cabinetry and started in on new. Scored an *exceptional* deal at Home Depot on some “we haven’t got a lot of it so let’s sell it super cheap” snap-in flooring and laid that in.

Thankfully, “the Googlz” had a great wiring guide available:

First time laying in that kind of flooring and it was ridiculously easy to do.

In progress.


Laid in protective covering for the flooring and primer/Killz’d the walls. A friend had some leftover paintable beadboard from a construction project and I had just enough to cover the visible areas.

Primed walls.

And the same view with the final color on it.

The green throws the color mix off, but the walls are a nice butter yellow.

Next up (and this is next week’s project), comes the inside cabinetry/benches/sink/stove/wet-bath area.


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  1. It looks great! The flooring looks wonderful.