This blog is linked to wonderful blogs others write about…well, writing, etc.

My blog was originally begun to chronicle my time in the doctoral program. As I write this, I am in the home stretch. The final mile. The last inning. The final quar– well, you get the picture. I am writing this weekend, all weekend, on Chapter’s 4 and 5 (Results and Conclusions). On Monday I deliver all five chapters to The Powers That Be for hacking and slashing (and refining).

Hence, the continued dearth of blog postings of anything that would be of interest to normal human beings. For that, I apologize. For entertainment, check out This Video.

For even more entertainment, check out his Facebook page. I love this guy’s sense of humor and absurdity.

Tonight: More writing. And tomorrow…and Sunday…


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  1. Sheryl Low says:

    you made me join twitter! r u proud?