An Update to the Warner Brothers, Flixster, Harry Potter 7 part 2 Saga…

I feel obligated to update you, my loyal blog readers (all, what, five of you?) on the status of my gripe with the WB and the latest Harry film.

Following advice from someone who commented on my previous blog, I logged onto Flixster support and opened a trouble-ticket. Within an hour I received this response (though with spelling errors, but we’ll not quibble about such things here):

Dear Polly:

Thank you for being one of our best customers [Really? I’ve never, ever heard of you before and likely will not want to again, thank you] and among the first to try UltraViolet Digital Copy.

While we have received a lot of positive reaction to UltraViolet [Huh. From where? From whom? I did a Google search and found NOT ONE single positive thing. Also, in the space of 72 hours, my blog had 1,4352 hits on it on 213 permutations of “Harry Potter 7,” “Flixster,” “digital copy” “iTunes” “download” and various other  terms], we realize that with any new technology there is a learning curve for both creators and consumers, and this is especially true around new user experiences.

It’s important to us that you are fully satisfied with your purchase. We are issuing you an an iTunes code for your movie so that you can obtain an iOS-compatible download of this title immediately.

To redeem your code, please follow these instructions:

1. Open iTunes

2. Navigate to the iTunes Store

3. Locate the “Redeem” link in the right side of the Storefront in the Quick Links panel

4. Enter your Authorization Code

5. If the files do not show up in your Download queue, click “Store” > “Check for Available Downloads”

We also wanted to let you know that you can download your UltraViolet Digital Copy to a supported iOS or Android device. (For a list of supported iOS devices see this article. For a list of supported Android devices, please visit this link.)

We are excited by UltraViolet’s ability to offer you a digital locker copy of your purchased title. With UltraViolet today, you can download your title to a PC, Mac, Android or iOS compatible device for offline playback as well as stream it to your PC, Mac, or compatible iOS and Android devices. You can also add up to six members to your account, so that your whole family can enjoy it. And UltraViolet provides ongoing access to your titles from the cloud, meaning you will enjoy the benefit of future enhancements to the service, including the addition of new devices, download formats, and retailers.

Thanks again for taking the time to contact us. We’d like to keep the channels of communication open and look forward to hearing from you as we continue our rollout of UV-enabled titles.


Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group and Flixster

You can access your UltraViolet movie collection at any time at

For more information about UltraViolet, and to manage your UltraViolet account, go to

I’ll just say a few things. First, I am not now, nor ever likely to be, “one of their best customers.” Not gonna happen.

Second, I resent like hell the fact that to use their “convenient” digital locker (which I do not at all want), I must then download still more software.  I think I have discovered the secret impetus behind Apple’s iCloud, the PC’s Cloud, and now Flixster’s “digital locker.”  They want to fill my computer so full of application crap that I’ll essentially have no room for my own crap!

I really wish, I really, really wish that software companies would stop generally assume that I am an incompetent boob who is incapable of managing my own files.  Or data.  Or digital media.  That I am unable to safely have access to my computer’s “brain (ie, “Library” on Apple), that it must be hidden from me.  Stop assuming that I want EVERY SINGLE THING THAT I PURCHASE to be traceable, trackable, and talk-about-able by some mysterious powers-that-be.

Or worse, by some bored-as-hell seven-year-old bound to hack into someone’s cloud/network/digital nebula.

I don’t let ordinary schmoe’s into my home to browse my bookshelves and/or DVD collections, why should I want the thin barrier of 0’s and 1’s to be the only thing keeping the schmoe’s out of my digital stuff?

I am not an idiot, thank you. I can and have managed to keep my shit organized and virus-free for years. As many years as I have owned a computer of some sort, and frankly, that’s a lot of years (almost as many as personal computers have been around, in fact).

Stop dumbing down my software! Stop dumbding down my purchases!

Stop dumbing us down and perhaps we’ll all be a bit better for it.

So, thank you to “Don’t Wanna Say” for giving me the pointer to “support” at Flixster. Thank you, too, to the many (over 100 now) who contacted me or commented here, or shared on Facebook and/or Twitter, or who spread the word in some way.

We may be few, but we are might, and damn it all, we have a voice that should be heard.


One Comment on “An Update to the Warner Brothers, Flixster, Harry Potter 7 part 2 Saga…”

  1. Josie H says:

    I, on the other hand, am one of those computer dummies who needs help. I don’t want a cloud or to be followed around the web or to be patronized by WB’s email writers, but making things a little easier would be nice.

    I’m going out on a limb. I bought an iPhone 4S. And one for Ian too. We’re so excited! They’re supposed to arrive in the next couple weeks. Tee hee!