What to do…


Here I am, plotting and writing and struggling, and I realize that what I have outlined for this next book is complete and utter rubbish.

Really, I had a *great* idea. Great. Super great. Even had some really exciting race scenes, some good dynamic stuff, etc… Then, the back surgery happened and I had even more good stuff to use.

However. (and there’s always a ‘however,’ isn’t there?)

Now the new stuff doesn’t work with the old stuff. My original idea, while still good, doesn’t seem as ‘great’ as it once did. And the new stuff, while good and well-written (okay, little horn toot there), just doesn’t…work…with the old stuff. Or any stuff.

Or even on its own.


So, should I sit back and wait for the writing fairy to hit? What to do? What to do?

I’m really struggling and forcing it is not making it better. At all.

In fact, I am more lost than before.


Now’s the time for that writing mentor to come out of the woodwork.


2 Comments on “What to do…”

  1. That sounds very stressful, Pol. But I’m sure you’ll pull it out — you can do it!

  2. Cags says:

    Ah hugs. I don’t claim to be a writing mentor or anything near as clever but what I would do, if it were me (which it’s not so feel free to ignore), is to go back to your original plan with the book and stick with that. Keep the new stuff to one side. Somewhere, at some point that new stuff will fit in to another project – an idea or story or something will come to you and you’ll do “ahah, that’s perfect for this” and it’ll be all the more awesome for it. Just because it’s good (great) stuff, does not mean you absolutely have to cram it into whatever yo are currently working on.

    Hope that helps. xx