And the Discoveries Continue…

Let me first preface this by saying, I really can stop anytime I want. I am not addicted to Really.

I’m not.


Okay, with that disclaimer aside, let me just share more fun discoveries. Check this out!

Alice Atwood (1574 – 1621)
is your 11th great grandmother

Richard Gale (1618 – 1679)
Son of Alice (Atwood) Mullens

Abraham S Gale (1643 – 1718)
Son of Richard

Abraham Gale II (1674 – 1718)
Son of Abraham S

Abraham Gale III (1700 – 1779)
Son of Abraham

Daniel Gale (1721 – 1796)
Son of Abraham

Noah Gale (1757 – 1806)
Son of Daniel

George Gale (1795 – 1819)
Son of Noah

George Winslow Gale (1817 – 1890)
Son of George

George Henry Goodwin Gale (1858 – 1920)
Son of George Winslow

Mary “Polly” Grafton Gale (1885 – 1973)
Daughter of George Henry Goodwin

George B.Sr. Robinson (xxxx – 1976)
Son of Mary “Polly” Grafton

George B. Robinson (xxxx – 2009)
*Dates removed to protect the innocent.
Son of George Blatchford Sr.

Polly Marie Robinson
You are the daughter of George B.

What’s the big deal? Well, at the top of the list is the lovely Alice (Atwood) Mullens. Who was the wife of “Master William Mullens” who came over on the Mayflower.



I know, I know. From the whole point of view of the colonial/imperialism sphere, I should not be proud, but…well, I can’t help it.

What’s super interesting to me is that also on the ship was a man named “Gilbert Winslow,” who turns out the be the great x6 grandfather of Alice’s greatx6 grandson; both of the 6x greats (one Winslow, one Gale (by that point)) are my great x 3 grandparents.

Anyway, that was my Sunday night activity while watching the Pack trounce the Falcons in a come-from-behind win.

You can find the Mayflower passenger list here.


2 Comments on “And the Discoveries Continue…”

  1. ps in fl says:

    FYI Mary “Polly” Grafton Gale always signed her gift checks as Polly Mary Barr. Hence a version of your name. Cool stuff.

  2. Pol says:

    Yeah, I’ve found some cool stuff on her, including a letter she wrote detailing her and her family’s trip to an army base her dad (GHG Gale) was stationed on (and has a statue er…at <–bad grammar).

    I am NOT addicted. No. Really. I can st– ooh, a leaf!