Shame on Southwest Airlines.

Shame on Southwest airlines.

My email to Southwest. Feel free to copy and send to them as well:

You kicked a woman off of a flight for kissing her partner? What the hell is wrong with Southwest? “A flight attendant had told Hailey that Southwest “was a ‘family’ airline and kissing was not ok”, and that she and her companion were then “escorted off the plane for getting upset about the issue.”

So…that means I will NEVER, EVER see men and women kissing because “kissing is not ok?”

I am a published author and let me tell you, I will post this and ask my readers, my publisher, my editors and those who read my blog that folks should boycott your homophobic, small-minded, small airline until you verify that ALL OF YOUR STAFF undergo “humanity” training. “Sensitivity” would be asking for too much.

Get out of the dark ages, Southwest. Oh, and here’s news for your idiot flight attendant. I’m guessing that a full 3/4’s of her “crew” colleagues, past and present, have been extraordinarily gay.

Suck on that, grow up, and move on.

Shame, shame, shame on you.

For the news article quoted above, go here.

So…you have your marching orders. Boycott a seriously homophobic airline.

If I get a response or learn anything new, I will update it.


5 Comments on “Shame on Southwest Airlines.”

  1. Shannon says:

    Hmm. I’m always wary of these types of things (it’s not unlike what sometimes happens in church communities. Not enough info unfortunately). From what I could google, it was thought by passengers and employees that they were being excessive (which really, do you want to see anyone making out on an airplane??). Then the conversation was ‘escalated’ – right now it’s a she said they said.

    I’m with you that if it was just a minor display of affection SW was totally out of line, though.

    • Pol says:

      Hey Shannon, I’m always wary of these as well, but I was really angry about this one. I’ve sat next to (and complained about) passengers determined to join the “mile high club” in the seats beside me and nothing’s been done (and this was on Southwest). So…yeah.

      Also, Southwest’s “apology” was a “Timberlake-style” apology, as in, “we’re sorry if anyone was offended by our action” as opposed to “we’re sorry FOR our action.” I read both of your responses and I appreciate your comments.

      • Shannon says:

        That’s frustrating – and I’m with you on the apology. I hate those back-handed apologies (‘I’m so sorry you were offended…’).

  2. Shannon says:

    Also, let me clarify – I would hope SW would have the same reaction if a straight couple were being ‘excessive’ (whatever that threshold is). That’s what I was trying to convey.

  3. Shannon says:

    I found this article on Slate – – sounds like SW just needs to stop living in the dark ages period (seriously, reading this I thought, huh, they could probably kick me off a plane – seriously I had no idea that they kicked off a grieving widow who was sobbing quietly while requesting a glass of wine. I’m with you on “humanity” training. Who *does* this sort of thing?!)