One Step Closer…

Extremely brief blog update.

Book proof came back on Wednesday and I just sent it back tonight with minimal changes (mostly due to my errors).

We’re getting closer!

And, for grins, here’s a sample of this weekend’s “to-do list”

•    454 projects
•    151 assignment grading
•    CLU quiz
•    AVC quiz
•    dissertation ch. 2 completed
•    dissertationch. 3 revisions
•    dissertation ch. 1 revision
•    151 lessons CSUN
•    101 lessons AVC
•    103 lessons CLU
•    454 lecture (reg)
•    454 lecture (annex)
•    email 151 students about upcoming speech, details on structure and guidelines
•    email same to AVC students
•    email Dr. P. syllabus and class activities for review next week
•    FLEX contract
•    post S.S. article to Moodle for annex to discuss next week.
•    Book galleys

And they say teachers have it easy ’cause we’re (usually) on our way home by 2 or 3 pm. Yeah…that’s right. That list is easy. So, with the galley proof on it’s way back, that’s one item off the list! WooHoo!