Really? *This* is News? Come On, People!

In Dad's fishing hat. Whee!

This week in the US and Beyond (just a sampling):

  • An enormously devastating earthquake in New Zealand.
  • Major political changes in the Middle East.
  • Substantive debate and discussion over the rights of workers in the midwest and in parts of the rest of the nation.
  • Votes by some states to recognize the legal rights of same-sex couples wishing to marry.
  • One man asking a congressman when someone was “going to shoot Obama,” and the crowd around the man laughed. And the congressman did/said nothing.
  • More global-change impact as even MORE snow/sleet/rain hits the US (including southern California and already overwhelmed middle and eastern parts of our country)

Important, life-changing, political landscape-changing, hard news issues.

All day CNN, HNN, and whatever outlet I could find purporting to report “news” had a rotating blend of news stories dominating their overly made-up talking-heads’ prompter-readings focusing on these three hot issues:

  • The Oscars
  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Will and Cate/Kate/Catherine’s wedding


Shame on you.

Get out and let people who care report on actual news. The rest of you need to work on a farm shoveling actual manure.

Tonight: sushi with friends for my birthday. Woohoo!


2 Comments on “Really? *This* is News? Come On, People!”

  1. Ann says:

    Hope you had a great day Pol, and will celebrate many many more birthdays in good health and prosperity!

  2. Tammi K says:

    Well said!