iPhone Triumph, Effin’ Cat Avatar…#DellFail

What follows is an excerpt from a letter I wrote to Steve Jobs at Apple. This is a true story and I can verify that it happened because, well, I’m…me.

Dear Steve,

I am writing to say thank you for your amazing iPhone 4. I am a longtime Apple-ite and have always enjoyed the best support for the various Macs in my home (several generations of iPod, an iPad, a MacBook Pro).

But for me the reason we’ll always use an iPhone came this weekend. My brother-in-law, R., is dying from Lou Gehrig’s disease and is in a care facility here in California. Richie wanted to be able to see and speak to his mom one last time before he lost so much muscle control that he could no longer speak (which is really where he is now, but anyway…).

R’s mother, P.—my mother-in-lawlives in Colorado Springs and is very ill and unable to travel. We are working on arrangements for her to come here, but feared that time was running short for both of them. We decided instead to Skype from R’s hospice room to his mom’s hospital room. Because there was no wifi in the area my MacBook wouldn’t have worked, so we were set up on my partner’s Dell using her Verizon Blackberry connection. To our dismay, all they were able to see was an annoying cat avatar who persisted despite our best efforts.

Both R and P were very upset because they could only hear each other but not see each other. I realized I have Skype on my iPhone and in desperation, tried it out.

It worked. Beautifully.

I have attached a photo from our Skype session last Saturday. R was able to see both his mom and his sister and, even better, they were able to see him. Tears were flowing on both sides, but in a good, happy way.

So…thank you, Steve, and thank you, Apple.

Your easy-to-use and well-designed product made one dying man and his family very happy, indeed.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I want to end today’s blog with more information on the “effin’ cat avatar.” Apparently some Dell preinstalled crap software recently forced a download of some idiotic animated avatar. If that has happened to you, click here for instructions on how to get rid of it. That damned software almost ruined our day.

So…snipe at Apple all you want, but my iPhone and my AT&T connection worked flawlessly while the Dell sits useless on the table (look again at the picture on the left).