Back in the Saddle…General Housekeeping Blog

So. We’re back into it.

This is a general get-the-world-up-t0-date blog.

Despite saying I wouldn’t do it, I have again taken on a large number of classes to teach this semester. As an Adjunct it’s either feast or famine, so…right now I’m in the feast time. This is unusual in that normally the Spring semester is notoriously hard to fund, therefore hard for me to get classes to teach. Not so this year, it seems.

More classes are a good thing, just requiring a bit of creative schedule juggling.

This semester’s doctoral classes look interesting, especially the law class. They begin this week as well, though I’ve already met with my dissertation chair. According to her, I’m “right on track” for a spring defense of my dissertation proposal. Spring also brings with it the dreaded “comp exams” for our cohort too, so yes, the stressing has begun…in spades.

In other news, the book is off to production. I don’t know when I’ll see galleys, but that’s another major hurdle cleared. I have begun outlining the next book, also set against the Olympic Games. However, the second book will take second place to the dissertation.

We have some traveling on the schedule this year as well, all for professional reasons. S is making monthly trips to Sacramento as an active part of the legislative process. In February, I will be in Monterey presenting at the Western States Communication Association annual conference. June sends S to DC for a week of lobbying on the Hill and then she’ll meet me in Orlando for the Golden Crown Literary Society annual conference (where we’ll be celebrating my book’s launch).

Other things…oh. This also seems to be the year of surgery. April (spring break on 2/3’s of my campuses) will see the removal of the last of my internal “ladyparts.” (I love that term!) Then in July, the big surgery. I’m getting a new disc in my back and six pins in the SI (sacro-illiac) joints (three in each side). I am both dreading and looking forward to both surgical events, just to kill some longtime pain.

To round out our busy spring (in which S is back from sabbatical and gearing up to transition her Master’s program to a doctoral program), we’re also ramping up for M’s wedding to R. M has taken my old wedding dress and turned it into a thing of beauty. She’s really done a terrific job with it, and the plans for the wedding are really shaping up. Now that we’re on the other side of Christmas the Big Event seems to suddenly be looming.

Lastly, with regard to writing, I am still playing around with fanfic (which some of you might remember was the subject of my Master’s thesis). You can find my fanfic on Email me for a screen name for which to search if you’re interested. If you’ve read my fanfic before, I’m still publishing under the same name. Or, come find me on GateWorld and meet some fantastic folks there with the same interests.

I’m pretty sure this sums it all up.

Tonight: More lesson prepping for classes.


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  1. DJ says:


    Sounds like a great deal of excitement this spring. When do M and R get married? Please be sure they let me know where they are registered.

    Smooches on your face and S too!