Unpleasant Homework Surprises

I’m a professor. I know how important it is to plan ahead. Then plan for disasters. Then plan for the disasters after the disasters. I know that! This isn’t my first rodeo, or bar-b-que, or…[insert clever event name here].

So, imagine my surprise when I was sitting in Starbucks up near one of my four teaching campuses and I realized that the date was 12/1. Which logically meant that the next day was 12/2. And on 12/2 I had not one, not two, but three lengthy assignments due!


Luckily one of the assignments was a presentation of data run already. I had done the statistical modeling a month before and by some small stroke of genius had actually kept notes on my thought process, so I was able to whip up a presentation about my findings (and multi-colinearity, etc…) in about 40 minutes. One assignment down.

Then I taught for the next six hours and headed home (by now it was nearing 10:30 pm). Once home I sat down and quickly skimmed the requirements for the other two assignments. One…not so bad, create a draft of the IRB (Human Subjects Revew) Form that will eventually have to be submitted with my dissertation proposal. Okay…that I can do.

Lastly was the “survey instrument.” Most of our doctoral classes are designed such that by the end of the term we have produced something workable and insertable into our dissertations. This was once such exercise. I quickly whipped up both a survey instrument and an informed consent tailored to my research and at 1:30 in the morning was about to call it done. Something, however, prompted me to just skim over the assignment guidelines.


“Also include a 2-3 page narrative on your experiences piloting this instrument and your subsequent adjustments made during said pilot.”


Well, I had piloted the original of questions last spring so…off I went.

Got to bed finally at 4 this morning. Ugh.

I have one more 12-page paper due for my Quantitative Analysis class in a week, and then all my doctoral “homework” is done. I still have to read stacks for the dissertation, but that’s ongoing.

My book is done. Sort of. I’m finishing the last line-item changes from my editor and will return it to her on Friday. We’d already pushed my 12/1 press date back due to my overly impacted schedule, but I’m still thinking that the May 17 release date is good. If not, I’ll let you know.

Tonight: Present data findings, present papers for two classes, listen to my colleagues do the same. Almost done. For now.