Look! It’s Here! My Book Cover!

It’s Sunday night, it’s raining (again) here in Southern California, and I’m home alone. Just me and the dog…so, not so alone, I guess.

Is it wrong that I’m enjoying this so much? *Looks around guiltily.*

S. is still in Guatemala, so I did what any self-respecting spouse would do while she is away. I spent Friday rearranging the house. Well, not so much the house as the master bedroom and the living room. Put the treadmill in one spot, put the big comfy chair in another. So now when I (or anyone else in the house) wants to work out, the rest of us can simply lock that person into one room at the far end of the house. Works great and has forced me to use the thing more, too, which is good (and was quite necessary).

What else? Saturday morning was an early start to get M. off to his flight to Texas (only to find out hours later that he’d only made it as far as Vegas before the Gods of Thunderstorms closed all flights in and out of Dallas. He eventually made it, 24 hours later than planned). Since I was already up I stayed up to organize and pay bills.

Ick. Seriously. Iiiiick. Bleh.

Saturday afternoon was spent grading all of the assignments I had pending for a class that finished last Tuesday (thank God!). 24 students multiplied by 5 assignments=long afternoon. But, grades are posted for that class, hurrah!

Saturday evening I had dinner with a friend, but first braved CostCo. I know! On a Saturday! What was I thinking! *Shakes head.* Then, later that night, did a really stupid thing. Started a friend’s book. I think I finally fell asleep around 5 am. That was really dumb.

Sunday. Ahhh, Sunday. Spent the day with various football games on while I worked, then stopped work in time to see my DirecTV HD signal die, JUST as the Packer/Viking game was kicking off.

S.e.r.i.o.u.s.l.y.   T.i.c.k.e.d.

Oh yes. Ticked.

Went into S’s office (next biggest TV) and watched the first half there while on the fruitless customer service call with DTV. For more on their “customer service,” check out a past blog on the Olympic Games. Anyway, after convincing the woman that I did not, in fact, plan on crawling up on my roof while A) alone in my home with nobody to call 911 when I fell; and B) in the pouring rain, we agreed that she’d do as I’d initially asked and send out a service tech.

On Wednesday.

Between 8 and noon.

Murphy says the guy will get here at 11:55 am.

So…all TV’s are off again (ahh, blissful silence), the rain is pattering down outside, and my classwork is prepped for the week. We won’t discuss the doctoral reading/writing I didn’t even touch this weekend. I’m pretty much doing the minimum on that whole thing right now.

And I will never again (repeat after me) schedule myself to teach 21 units in a semester again, even when I am not writing a dissertation. And a book.

Aha! Which leads me to the very best part!

Beautiful cover designed for me by the great Linda Callaghan. The book will be available from Bella Books in spring, 2011

How. Freakin.’ Cool. Is. That!


3 Comments on “Look! It’s Here! My Book Cover!”

  1. Tammy says:

    The book cover is seriously cool. I love the flag in the water!

    Your signal went out on primo football day? Was that your hysterical bellow I heard disguised as clasps of thunder?

    Rain. Yet again in So. Cal. At least this time I’m home to enjoy it instead of stuck in the office or road-rage inducing traffic because when the skies open up, or even *threaten* to open up, the drivers in So. Cal (the locals, mind you, not the transplants who KNOW what hydroplaning means; me, originally from N.H.) lose their bloody pea brains.

    The door is open. I’m wrapped in my fluffy down comforter while I laze on the couch watching the brilliance that is Boston Legal. Writing research. Really…

  2. Cags says:

    Woohoo! That’s beyond cool!

    Really looking forward to reading this. I know you write great fiction!

  3. Tammi K says:

    I’m impressed. The cover art is beautiful.