Journey From the Center of The Earth (or close to it)

There’s something pretty amazing about watching those miners come up, one by one, every hour or so. In an age when we are so used to instantaneous events and instant gratification, the wait between the arrival of each miner is a reminder that sometimes slow and steady can accomplish great things.

And really, how very cool is it that a woman in Texas is making a wedding dress for the wife of a rescued miner in Chile? Why can’t we have this kind of global outreach all the time, not just in times of stress and sadness, but…you know. All the time.

What about the women of Rwanda? What about the hungry around the world? What about forgotten children…everywhere? And forgotten adults?

When you are bored with your toys, and your life, and your friends, think about the above. Then reach out. And do something.

Tonight: giving mid-terms and writing more on the dissertation.