Skype, Life, and Another Month Gone…

I can’t believe I’ve let another month slip by with no blog. But, I do have good reasons. I am teaching seven classes (that’s 21 units), taking 11 units toward my doctorate, and writing the first drafts of my dissertation. And, just before classes began, I broke my left index finger and found out about a week after we got home from Canada that I’ve most likely torn a ligament in that hand. That repair might need surgery, but I won’t know that until this coming Friday. So for now I am in a cast that is thankfully removable so I can take showers (or cheat and use the hand for typing).

What else?

Oh yeah. Finishing edits on my book. To give my lovely (and she truly is) editor some space (and buy myself time), I sent off the first half of the rewritten work to her. She sent a great note back saying how pleased she was with the changes, how “alove” the book was now, and how much more suspense their was in the action. So I am apparently on the right track, thankfully.

S. is, as I type, in the living room amidst an explosion of clothes and doodads. She is packing for her month-long Guatemalan adventure, which she leaves for in just two weeks. However, before she leaves for that, she will be gone a week in Portland for a conference, so she is essentially leaving me for a month and a half starting next Saturday.

What does that mean for me? No sleep.

I tend to stay up to all hours writing and working when she’s not at home, not stopping unless the dog gets insistent about it. So…Charlie, it’s to you now. Keep mama off the computer all night! Oh, and we learned how to Skype today, so…we’ll see if we can make that work while she’s gone.

He makes a good 'stop working' alarm clock!

The doctoral program is chugging along. We have, singly and collectively, gone to various PTB (Powers That Be) to voice our concerns over how things are working…or not). The U. hired faculty whose most recent experience was teaching community college undergrads, a long and far cry from doctoral students. And that lack of experience is telling. I, for one, am tired of the oft-repeated refrain, “remember, you are the first cohort, it will get better for the next group.”

Bully for them. I am here now, and I am not a moody 19-year-old trying to skyve off. Even one of the co-instructors of the course vented about the other instructor when things went south in a lecture Q&A. You know it’s bad when even the sweetest person in the room says, “I don’t trust X (instructor) and will not be bothered to speak again.” An instructor who twists your words and is inflexible to the point of snapping rigidity is to be avoided at all costs.

Had jury duty last week Friday and managed to avoid two trials due to the upcoming surgical consult on my hand. The second judge even joked that I “should be on the other side of the docket as a ‘party’ and not a juror.'” Without thinking, I said, “Well, your Honor, you should see the other guy.” He cracked up, which was a nice break in the day.

I want to serve, I just wish they’d call me in summer, not during the academic year.

Let’s see. Air Force lost, Wisconsin won, Army won. That was Saturday. Today we were split 50/50 as thr Packers won but the Vikings couldn’t get it done. All in all, a satisfying weekend.

Tonight: Writing. Lots and lots of writing.


5 Comments on “Skype, Life, and Another Month Gone…”

  1. Tammy says:

    Multi-task should be your middle name. 🙂

  2. DJ says:

    Is Sher going to be in Portland OR or some other Portland? If it’s Portland OR, I’d like to hook up if it works for our schedules. Portland is only about a 1-2 hr drive for me. I’m off every other Monday and the next is not tomorrow, but next week.


  3. Shannon says:

    I was so sad about the Vikings (and Percy Harvin is one of my fantasy football WR) >.< On the other hand I have the Packer's defense and even though the Pats lost (even more sad) Moss still brought home good points.

    Yes, during football season I only think about football :: headdesk ::

  4. That’s a fine looking animal there, Pol. Glad to read your new one is going well. You have a lot on your plate!