And This is a Tale of our Castaways…

And…here we go. A long blog post, made up mostly of photos. I will caption them so you can follow along. I may break this into two blogs as we have a great many adventures to share. Without further ado…we’re off…

Actually, this is really the hard way to do this. I am instead going to share the online album on photobucket. You should be able to click here to see it. Clicking will open a new window and a slide show will begin. You can click through the photos faster if you click on the righthand side of the window that opens.

Since the videos didn’t load into the slide show, I’m putting them here:

Black eating berries. At one point I thought, “Where’s the mama bear?”

Glacier National Park

View from the mountaintop.

Old Faithful.

Peak to peak ride down.

Yellowstone in general.


Tonight: dinner and book edits.


8 Comments on “And This is a Tale of our Castaways…”

  1. Richard says:

    AWESOME Pics…you two seemed to have a great time there…perfect for snuggling too I bet. You hand her deserve each other, you seem so happy together. Hope to see you again and meet her too.

  2. Tammy says:

    Those photos are fabulous! The colors on the water in the Lake Louise shots are beautiful. Your other half looked cold. You looked like a kid at Chrismas willing to jump in the 30 degree lake just to say you’d done it.

    The glacier and cabin in the woods. Sigh. So pretty.

    Indiana Polly gave me a good chuckle.

    And… Bridge… maybe one day…

  3. DJ says:

    Great pix!

    I can’t get the bear picking berries to open. I really, really want to see that. Can you try again?


  4. Cags says:

    Wow, amazing pictures! Truly awesome sights. I’m just a tiny bit jealous. One day… oh one day!

    Glad you had such an awesome time. That’s what it’s all about.

  5. Vera Heinau says:

    Really nice pictures!
    Such a rafting tour must be really exciting.

    I’m following your Campfire series since the beginning quite eagerly – even using the RSS-Feed to get the notifications about new parts 🙂

    What about a little rafting trip in one of those? I think it must be fun for Carter – with the speed and all. May be with a little mishap and a campfire to get them dry and warm again… Perhaps at P4X 234 (the planet they gated to at the end of “Nemesis”) – after all they had a week of “vacation” time there. 😉

    Well, anyway: just keep up the good work and good luck for your doctorate studies!