18-Months and Counting…

So, one of the five regular readers of this blog asked me tonight, “Whassup? No blog?” So…here we go. Tonight was the first night of the semester, the fourth one of our doctoral program (yes, we had to count Summer…ugh).

I love, as a 40-something adult, being treated like a moody 12-year-old with self-control issues. Holy cow, just what grade did this woman last teach? And, add to that, this is the third, yes third time we’ll have this woman as an instructor.

Third time in four semesters.


With a faculty pool of more than 50, we get the same woman three times?

And…honestly…she’s just not all that.

Oh, and puhleeze, let’s not bring up my profound joy and gratitude at also having “overhead Oliver” as her co-teacher. Already the “I don’t know, it’s somewhere out there” has begun.

18-months and counting. I can do this. I just may need to up my blood pressure meds.

Vacation photos coming sometime this weekend. Just been too busy to sort the pics. As a teaser, we’ve got bears (both black and brown), Old Faithful, stunning vistas, glaciers…oh, the list goes on.

Tonight: book editing.


2 Comments on “18-Months and Counting…”

  1. Tammy says:

    18 months…

    I’ll count with you.

  2. Joe Clark says:

    Hi Pol, please forgive the offtopic comment, but I stumbled across your mention of working with a hybrid public speaking course in an earlier post. I’m researching this type of course to help with a development project at my university and wondered if I might add you and your co-instructor to my list of contacts? I’ll be happy to share the info I come up with as well. I’m at joseph.clark@fsu.edu.