A Family Mystery…Solved?

So, get this. I’m poking around “ancestry.com” and find a new leaf to click, on my great grand-dad’s name. I do so and…a family mystery is solved! The “legacy” West Point ring that had my great-great-granddad’s name on it, my great-uncle’s name (he died in Hiroshima in 1945), and my granddad’s name on it…that had been stolen from my Dad’s house in the mid-90’s, was used in a “ring melt” ceremony at West Point. The ideas is that past grads and/or their families donate a ring and it’s melted with others to then be “reshaved” into new class rings.

West Point has a “ring recovery” program and as best as we can tell, someone pawned it and it ended up back at the Point!

So…class of 2005…stand tall. You’re wearing a ring that had been in my family since 1879. I’m sad that it’s gone, but proud too, you know?

Stay tuned. I’ve emailed the director of the WP ring program to confirm, but…who knows?


One Comment on “A Family Mystery…Solved?”

  1. What a great story! Sad, but moving.