Lack of Blog…

Becky’s visiting, so I’m a bit overscheduled this week and next. Will update blog soon with a more regular rambling of events.

It is always fun to show someone your town though, yes? The things you learn about the place you live.

Tonight: Beck’s on her own as I’m in doctoral class hell.


3 Comments on “Lack of Blog…”

  1. Donna Jo says:

    No matter how busy you are, it’s always fun to show someone your town.

    As for me, Lattin’s Cider Mill (the Saturday fritter place), Tenino’s quarry pool (a public pool about 10 miles down the road that was built out of an old rock quarry and has a natural waterfall; very cool), Oly farmers market, Wolf Haven (also near Tenino, that has a bunch of wolves and is also very cool) and a few local parks reminicent (sp?) of X-Files in the days when it was filmed in the Northwest.


  2. Tammy says:

    Was great to tour you around the lot today. I want to see all those pics you took! And hear Becky’s sister’s reaction to a few of the ones that she sent while we were at ‘Merlotte’s’:)

    Have fun in the class from hell.

    I’ve got writing to do.

    or –


    Movies to watch.

    procrastinate? moi?

  3. Beth Wylde says:

    Oh I’m so jealous. I’m stuck here in backwoods hillbilly hell and ya’ll are cutting up and having a good time. So not fair. LOL Take lots of pics Becky.