GCLS, A Celebration

Home from GCLS for this year. GCLS is the Golden Crown Literary Society, a nonprofit that celebrates and promotes lesbian literature (fiction and non) and poetry. It is also an annual gathering of friends old and new and an opportunity to network and renew acquaintances. It is through my association with GCLS that the wonderful Bella Books will be publishing my novel next spring and the organization has had a tremendously positive impact on my life.

Some of the highlights of the weekend below…enjoy.

This was at the bottom of the blog but I wanted to be sure it got seen by you folks. This is a little compilation from the karaoke fun we had on Friday night. Honestly, this was a complete blast.

Flying into storm.

Lightning about 1/2 mile off of our wing as we landed. They closed the airport for 45 minutes after we got in and wouldn’t even let the baggage handlers go out.

Mercedes realizing that Karin has named a character for her.

Our group for the Thursday afternoon reading.

Coffee chat with Karin, Dillon, and Georgia. Note that Dillon had to sit *right* in the middle!

Post dinner, enroute back for the awards dinner. Those nutballs!

Sheryl, Ellen Hart, me. Love Ellen's scarf! Ellen, it turns out, is Sheryl's long lost "hobby twin." The two love all the same things!

A very dapper MJ and me.

It's a photo frenzy! Ellen and Karin taking pictures of each other and...well, you get it.

Sheryl teaching Ellen to pose like Lady Gaga

Our table. Me, Sheryl, Line, Becky, and Beth.

KG MacGregor and Becky. Great picture of them both.

Dillon Watson's TWO Goldies...best Debut Author and Best Contemporary Romance. Rock it!!! Buy Keile's Chance at Bella Books today!

Us. Fun.


3 Comments on “GCLS, A Celebration”

  1. Of course I had to sit in the middle, jealous one.


  2. jeanne says:

    Oh Pol, too funny and toooo mortifying.

  3. Matthew says:

    And the straight one that lives here has to just deal? Alright, please bring over more lesbians. I row well, I grow peppers, I’ll turn a… and no more typing.