Birthday Fun

S’s birthday has been a success thus far. Because of wonky schedules, we’re doing a version of “the Queen’s birthday.” You know how the Queen of England has the “Queen’s Birthday” and the “Queen’s Birthday observed” meaning the actual day and then the day that it’s celebrated.

So, that’s what we’re doing.

Yesterday was the day, and because I thought I was going to be unable to make it, M and her fiance R made plans to take her to a fabulous Italian place, Firenze Osseria.

Oh. My. God. Good food.

The chef/owner is Fabio of Top Chef fame and he was wonderful. He came to the table to give Sheryl a kiss and a hug and then graciously posed for a photo.

S. and Fabio. One very happy birthday girl.

This is what we ate:

Short rib ravioli for the table.


Crostini. I loved it, the others...not so much.

Short ribs on rosemary polenta. Slightly blurry.

Lamb shank with gnocci. To die for. Again, blurry. Apparently food photography is an art I have yet to master.


M's Cannoli...not my favorite.

Chocolate gelato from Firenze (Florence, Italy). Un-be-lievable. Imagine fudge, but cold and not as viscous.

All in all, an amazing dinner. We’ll be back.

I spent 40 extra minutes in the pool this morning to compensate. And I’ll do it again tomorrow. Fabulous food and great atmosphere.

Tonight: Summer doctoral classes begin.


5 Comments on “Birthday Fun”

  1. Cags says:

    Belated Happy birthday to Sheryl. Looks like you had a great time last night. You could rival Joe M for the whole food photography thing. *g*

  2. Tam says:

    The food looks wonderful. We’ll have to go celebrate when you get that series . . . 🙂

  3. Donna Jo says:

    That short rib raviolo looks un-be-lieveable! I gotta check this place out.

    Fabio? How does a guy live with that name after THE Fabio?


  4. Donna Jo says:

    What was in the cannoli?

  5. Donna Jo says:

    So the Queen’s real b-day is in April, but the weather sucks that time of year in England, so it’s observed in June. If she was the queen of Arizona, she’d sure as hell celebrate in April (or maybe even February), because June is just to freakin’ hot.