Well Crud…Another Nine Days Passed…

I really am trying to write this blog more freqently, but…alas…I’m not. Another nine days have passed since I last posted. It has been an eventful nine days, that’s for sure. I’ll start with the Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS). I have been a member of the GCLS since its inception. What is it, you ask?

Well…straight from the website:

The Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS) is a literary and educational organization for the enjoyment, discussion, and enhancement of lesbian literature. Our goals are to support and strengthen quality lesbian literature by providing places for readers and writers to interact, to encourage and assist new writers and established authors, and to recognize and promote lesbian work.

Every year GCLS holds a conference, a fantastic gathering of writers, publishers, readers, fans, spouses/partners, and booksellers. It’s always a good time. The first one was held in New Orleans just six weeks before hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit, devastating the levees and so much of that beautiful city. I am eternally grateful that I attended that first event and took the time to tour the city.

Since the second conference I have limited myself to going every other year if at all possible; scheduling and finances being the primary reasons behind my decision. I also decided a while back that I would wait to go again until I had a book to hawk. Two years ago GCLS opened up a new and terrific opportunity: Pitch sessions. Publishing houses held individual, one-on-one meetings (by appointment) and we were able to get in, sit down, and pitch our stories to folks whom we might not have a chance to have view our work.

My roommate for that year, Dillon Watson, and I sat up most of the night before in the bar polishing our pitches and snagging any author we could to read our proposals. Apparently word of our activity got to the publishers because when I sat down with one the next day, that was the first thing the owner of the company said. That she’d heard of our sessions and enjoyed knowing the work we put into our pitches. What a night. From that night came two things: First, Dillon’s proposal and book (Keile’s Chance, Bella Books, 2009)were pretty much accepted by Bella Books on the spot; and second, after pitching to four publishers, three expressed clear interest and one, Bella Books (owner Linda Hill) made my year by looking at me and saying, “Girl, you can write!”

What a thing to hear.

Life intervened almost immediately after and I waited two years before finally submitting my full manuscript to Bella, which, as the five regular readers of this blog know, was accepted. Open Water, the first in the Olympians series, is due out next spring.

So…to wrap up the GCLS side of things for this blog. I was not going to attend this year, finances being what they are. However, one cannot turn down frequent-flyer airfare miles that comp’d one ticket, or a last-minute offer of a free half of a condo. Really. The fates conspired and I will be spending five days in Orlando in early July. Awesome.

Other things this week. I finished teaching my Spring class and actually had a student complain that I didn’t give a final. Seriously? Get over it. It wouldn’t have helped your grade, honestly.

I am still polishing the manuscript to get it ready to hand off while in Orlando, so that’s occupying my time. Add to that designing the logo for the GCLS conference and designing and laying out the 36-page conference program.

And lastly, I have two more melanoma sites that are coming off on Thursday. :::sigh:::

Oh, and super lastly, I am the proud mommy of a baby iPad. Yay!

Tonight: recovering from cleaning the garage (really!) and a to-the-pain Scrabble game. Tomorrow, kayaking in Channel Islands Harbor with S and some friends.


2 Comments on “Well Crud…Another Nine Days Passed…”

  1. Tammi K says:

    Prayers and good wishes for Thursday. Hope all is uneventful. Congrats on your new iPad. Are you loving it?

  2. Pol says:

    Thanks for the good thoughts, and yes, loving the iPad!