End of the First Year

Just a few more classes (two, I believe) and we’re at the end of my first year in the doctoral program. I know, I’ve been bad and not blogging as I should. I intend to do better. At least once a week.

The posts will be shorter, though…you are warned.

This week: submitted one of three required term assignments, yet another 15 pages of profound thought. Must still complete analysis of colleague’s case study and review his comments on mine. Must also begin to build the final project plan for my own students.

Upcoming: still lesson planning for the summer crunch of three classes, two writing classes at PCC and the killer Rhetorical Discourse at CSUN.

Also on the list is to continue editing the manuscript which is due back to the editor fairly soon.

Monday is the nerve conduction study to determine just how much nerve damage has occurred in the back/leg and see if I do, in fact, require another back surgery…we’re leaning toward ‘not,’ but I’ll let the guy with the medical degree weigh in, too. I’m told that ‘nerve conduction study’ is a euphemism for ‘electro-shock therapy,’ so that make my Monday quite exciting.

S. will be up in the state capitol again lobbying for her program to become a doctoral program. She’s been pounding away at this while others (who shall remain nameless) publicly claim the credit. I have just this to say: karma is a bitch.

And…that’s my Sunday.

Tonight: write, salmon for dinner, more writing, and some reading. Oh, and fantasizing about the rumored mini “iReader” (1/2 the size of the iPad, but bigger than the iPod Touch/iPhone). Oh yes, I want that!