I haven’t posted here in almost a month? Sheesh.

Let’s see…what’s new? Oh. I sorely want an iPad. I’m still working on my doctorate. I’ve got other news to share but am waiting for official word before I do so, but it concerns that project I completed on my 40th birthday (yes, the one two years ago!).

Um…naught else.

Did I mention that I really want an iPad?

Really, really?


Tonight: Writing and then…Castle! The best show you should be watching on television!


2 Comments on “Whoops.”

  1. Donna Wanna says:

    You REALLY want an iPad, yet you cannot explain WHY to non-Apple people. Sigh.

  2. Donna Wanna says:

    40th b-day two years ago? Sounds like you and Jon were both born in ’68.