I’m Not Procrastinating, I’m Just Thinking About It

I am not, as I say in the title to this blog, procrastinating. I resent that you would think such thoughts of me. I am, in fact, pondering.


Weighing and evaluating.

As a writer, I have read that I must build in “think time.” So…that is what I am doing. My Sunday thus far:

Awaken mildly refreshed. Consider going into the hot tub but instead opt for hot shower. Same effect, less floaties.

Have breakfast.

Persuade S to join me a sojourn to Costco, as we appear to be reaching critical lows in toilet paper. $300 later, we’re out the door with TP, paper towel, two pairs of shoes, a pair of jeans, vitamins, and various other sundries. For $300 you’d think the damned car would be full. Not so. Barely made a dent in the cargo area of the Santa Fe

Return from Costco, jointly agreeing that the dog is begging for a walk.

Walk aforementioned dog in and around arroyo, playing in the rain runoff and chasing ducks (that last would be solely on the part of the dog. Really.).

Finally allow to the fore the homework that has been looming over me. Homework for me and homework for my students. Decide I can’t accomplish anything without a clear to-do list (see below).

Write to-do list for today:

  • write to-do list
  • edit to-do list
  • compare to-do list with last week’s list
  • edit again
  • create mid-term
  • create mid-term study guide
  • write doctoral paper (worth 10% of grade)
  • read for doctoral program

Finished to-do list, sat down at computer.

Adjusted chair.

Insert CD from which to pull information for mid-term.

Checked emails, followed link to funny video.

Answered some fan mail (yes, I have fans).

Mapped out another chapter of the novel.

Poked around other fan sites to see what they were saying. Got sucked in to reading Joe’s blog and John’s blog. John’s (Scalzi) is always funnier that Joe’s.

Determinedly closed all email and chat windows and sat down to work.

Considered painting the house since it is such a beautiful day.

Made a list of other home-improvement projects. Just how hard would it be to install a ceiling fan in M’s room? Hmmm.

Realized I am really hungry (’cause by now it’s 2pm) and got up to make some lunch. Decided it was a working lunch so ate in front of computer…where I read a few more emails.

Decide to update blog.

Realize from the odor emanating from the dog that now he must be washed.

And there we are.

Tonight: Oscar!


One Comment on “I’m Not Procrastinating, I’m Just Thinking About It”

  1. Donna Wanna says:

    Have you looked up the definition of procrastinate?

    You sound like me studying for the bar. SCrubbing grout with a toothbrush somehow rose to the top of my list.

    Not that sending you this message is intended to give you another reason to put it off.