What the Hell is Wrong with NBC?

Shame on you, NBC.

The photo above might have said it all for me. Might have put the final period on my bitching about NBCs male-centric, self-aggrandizing coverage. Might have. You’ll notice that we have one TV, one desktop computer, one laptop, and one iPhone set up.

The point?

We were hoping to catch just ONE women’s event (other than figure skating) during prime-time. All-men, all the time. That should be NBCs new motto. We could tell when the women didn’t make a medal round, that even was simply not shown. Thus the quest for programming with some women’s events.

No luck.

Then…the capper was this morning. The last day of the Olympics. THE day. US/Canada hockey at noon, but at 9 am the coverage was to begin with the last big event, the men’s 50K cross country ski event. Now, I’m not a huge CC ski fan, but I am a fan of the Olympics and the athletes.

Not that NBC gives the least little bit about that.

This morning I was treated to a pre-taped “news conference” featuring 30 minutes of Republican agenda. Following that was Maria Bartelomo’s money report from Washington DC. After that? Access Hollywood. Then? A Monk rerun.


A…RERUN? Really?


What the hell is wrong with you people? Every four years we get to indulge in pure sport for 16 days. Just 16 days. Not to much to ask, really.

The clusterF*** that was NBC’s programming this morning seems to have been a last-minute decision, since the on-air guide showed Olympic programming from 9 am on. As did the much touted and often useless NBC website. In fact, every time we clicked “on now” I was taken to flash pictures of the events I should have been seeing online. Oh, thanks for that, by the way, for spoiling the finish of two events for me that way.

Now it’s 12:03 and it’s nice that NBC managed to break into their scintillating reruns (of a show that will be leaving the air this year) to broadcast live events. Big of you.


I stopped watching NBC’s Today Show because I can’t stand Anne Curry’s oh-so-sincere lean-and-touch-your-knee “interview” style of asking a grieving parent/sibling/friend (or 10-year-old) how “do you *feel* about your loved-one’s painful death.

Now I will simply not watch NBC at any time.

Here’s hoping ABC can bid and win the contract for the Olympics in the future. Oh, how I miss Jim McKay and ABC’s Wide World of Sports.

Take a lesson NBC, or get back on the porch. Your coverage reflects your network; shabby and unplanned.

Tonight: Olympics if I can manage to find them.

Edit at 10:31 pm: Oh. Really. Cut away for…wait for it…the Marriage Ref? Are you out of your fucking minds? The next sound you hear will be the collective popping sound of the NBC exec’s having their heads pulled out of their asses.

Un. Be. Lieve. Able.