42, Life, the Universe, and…Well, You Know.

Today is the day.

At approximately 7:36 this morning (PST) I achieved my 42nd year on this Earth. And now? I’m waiting for it.

“What?” you ask.

The answer. Or answer(s), if more than one there should be.


That magical number.

Douglas Adams, writer of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, says that 42 is the secret of the universe. Or should that be the Secret of the Universe (note the caps).

Hmm. Could be.

42 was, as we know, Jackie Robinson’s (um, no relation to me, despite the shared last name) number, and we can all appreciate his contributions to sport, especially to baseball, but more importantly, to a generation. Maybe that’s the secret? Breaking through seemingly impossible barriers?



Nope. I got nuthin.’ No choirs of angels, no blinding light…just…Friday.

A Friday filled with an entire day of watching the Olympics, rising to sleeping. YAY! Ideally I should spend that Olympiphile day at the gym, but with the back injury I’m not allowed.

I do have to say that I really appreciate the Winter Games always being scheduled over my birthday. It always feels as if the world has gathered just for me. Or, well…not. But it’s a nice thought.

Other thoughts on the big 4-2…I am, in fact, 17 years past my own expiration date. I had breast cancer at age 25. So, 42’s not so bad, eh?

I’m pretty sure my novel’s been rejected. I mean, no word is not good news, yeah? So perhaps I’ll squeeze in some writing on my lazy all Olympics day. Just when do you get a hint? I was assured a response within 90 days. We’re at 130 days now with no word. I did finally break down and write to ask for an update. Two weeks after that I sent another equally respectful letter asking for an answer, one way or another (but really nicely put). I then contacted the owner of the publishing company to say “thanks for the invite, but since I haven’t heard anything…” and she seemed rather surprised that I hadn’t heard anything at all from the editor. Said she’d follow up.

That was a week ago.


Hmm, and on writing. Apparently, per my Org Change prof says I’m a “very talented writer.” Of course, I didn’t write the type of assignment for which he was looking, but…hey. At least somebody thinks I can write.

Tonight: Olympics. Tomorrow: Olympics (and a birthday dinner). Saturday: Olympics. Sunday: What do you think?

And…I’ll keep you posted on that whole answer to the universe thing.


2 Comments on “42, Life, the Universe, and…Well, You Know.”

  1. Donna Wanna says:

    Pollywog- You keep cutting off your blog comments so soon that I can’t respond. Please reconsider your cut-off timeing.

    I love you writing. Wish I owned a huge publishing house. Sadly, not so much.

    Donna Wanna