The Art of Procrastination…and Stuff

I have never understood the appeal of Dr. Zhivago. Come to that, Romeo & Juliet‘s allure has escaped me as well. I’m more of a Sound of Music kind of person. Sweetums tells me that is why my fiction lacks that certain “zing” (and has not yet been picked up by that great publishing company). I apparently need to put more angst and pain in.

“But,” I protest, “I don’t like angst.” I want Mulder and Scully, Sam and Diane, Maddie and David, Amanda and Lee, Harm and Mac, and most especially, Jack and Sam(antha), to live happily ever after! Angst=bad. Happilyeverafter=good.

However. [imaginary index finger ‘pause’] Having said that, I am in the midst of a fic that essentially has Harm and Mac living happily ever after and, quite frankly, I’m bored to tears. Hmmph. Maybe there’s something to this whole angst thing after all.

Something else I’ve discovered this week. The greater my doctoral work load, the more home improvement projects I get done. I have for this week approximately 200 pages of lit/articles/chapters yet to read and two small papers due. I have also begun two more short fiction pieces (hmm, see above. Those might go by the wayside). And, in the midst of my procrastination, I came up with a really funny premise for a spec script.

In an effort to buckle down and get to work, I began some much-needed maintenance on my Mac. Which then led to a trip to the Apple store because all sorts of things went wrong from there. On the plus side, the Apple “genius” said to me, “You did everything I would do, why aren’t you an Apple Genius?” To which I responded, “Well, let’s weigh in…dissertation, work at the Apple store. Dissertation…work at the Apple store. Wait, will I get an iPad?” Since the answer was no, I’m back home trying to reframe my research question.


So, this is the end of January update on my life. I’m still plugging away at the doctorate, and the workload for this term has increased exponentially. Yes, now I feel challenged! I’m teaching just the one class at the local private four-year college – and let me say that I so much more enjoyed my time at the other school, the community college with the gangs, threats of carjacking, and gum-smackin’ attitude! Luckily, the other school is having me back in fall, and I truly cannot wait. I’ll take spicy personality privileged snobbery any day of the week. In spades.

Tonight: some truly interesting articles in the Harvard Business Review (really, no sarcasm), and getting my arse kicked in Scrabble by Sweetums.