It’s a Ginger Wonderland…

A small little house for my buddy Tony.

My ginger village.

The artist at work. Note that I am *not*
working on my literature review. :::sigh:::

So, it’s that time again. It’s pouring here in LA and I *love it*! Can’t get enough rain, if you ask me, I really do love it. I finally got a leg up on my lit review, the last of my four heavy-duty semester assignments.

My grades are posted, the LR is 1/3 done, so I treated myself to an afternoon of playtime. No Gingergate this year, but made a gingervillage instead.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Happy Kwanzaa/Happy Hanukkah/Good Solstice/Etc…to all and sundry.

Tonight: writing for fun.


2 Comments on “It’s a Ginger Wonderland…”

  1. Shannon says:

    That looks like a lot of work, but they’re lovely 🙂

    • Pol says:

      They’re so worth it…lots of fun and a good creative break when I can’t justify “fun” writing over “professional” writing. Something tangible that I can hold and gift to others. Next up, since S wants “something bigger” is a castle.