Not-So-Regular Blog Entry

This week has been a struggle. Four major assignments are due in the next two weeks and we have the rubric for only one of them. One of the four is a statistical analysis project, and that has been fun to do. Another is the aforementioned (see blog post “More Doctoral Work…”) “Signature Assignment” which I’ve–finally–completed. There’s the lit review for the stats class that I feel pretty good about, and then there’s the “Issue Paper.” That is where we’re supposed to pick an “issue” from our institution and address it in a 10-page paper, using the theory and readings thus far discussed in the semester, backing up our assertions with current and relevant lit. No problem except…well…again, see prior post.

I’ve been at my “institution” for 16 days.

16 days.

Okay, it’s really been 16 weeks, or 32 days, since I’ve been there two days a week. But, if you add up my hours, it really comes down to 8 hours per week for sixteen weeks; therefore, 16 days.

As I’ve said before, I’m lucky I can find the secretary’s office. I have yet to find my own office. I am told we adjunct’s have one, but, as I say…I have yet to find it. I’ve looked up the building it’s supposed to be in on the campus map, but said building isn’t in the indicated spot. Therefore, I have instead arranged office hours online, at Starbucks, in hallways, in the faculty “work room,” but never in my very own (shared with 12 others) office.

I don’t think “I can’t find my office” is a significant enough issue.

If I had a grading rubric, I might know that for sure, but for now I’m simply going on instinct. Nope, pretty sure “can’t find it” doesn’t count.

My “to do” list for this weekend was as follows:

  • Write COMM 103 final exam
  • Write COMM 101 final exam
  • Upload finals to copy team for repro for exam week.
  • Create COMM 101 quiz for this week (weekly event)
  • Upload COMM 101 quiz to copy team.
  • Upload notes to class site (covering chapter we only had brief time to address)
  • Rerun and doublecheck stats project, adding in Dr. C’s notes and making that one change he requested.
  • Create “Jeopardy” quize/final exam study guide for COMM 101
  • Ditto above for COMM 103
  • Write Issue paper
  • Create Issue paper PPT lecture for class discussion

The items crossed off are the things I’ve accomplished up to this point.

Wow, it really helps to make a list and then check things off. I was pretty sure I had accomplished nothing this weekend. Still no “Issue” paper, but…well, I don’t really have an issue with that.

Tonight: some ‘for fun’ writing and turkey leftovers.

74 days to the Olympics!