The Wonders of Technology


In our doctoral class tonight we discussed, ironically enough, the report on the Virgina Tech shootings. This report was issued by Gordon Davies. His bio states:

Gordon Davies served as Director of the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, from 1977-1997. He was the President of the Kentucky Council for Post Secondary Education from 1998-2002.  He has taught at Yale University, Richard Stockton State College, and Teachers College at Columbia University.  He was a founding dean of Richard Stockton State College, New Jersey.

Born in New York City, Dr. Davies is a navy veteran; he was worked in computer sales with IBM Corporation.

Dr. Davies earned his degree from Yale University:  BA English, and MA and Ph.D. in Religion.

Dr. Davies currently serves as a senior advisor to a Lumina Foundation project, Making Opportunity Affordable, and to the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia.

He directed a project to improve state higher education policy from 2002-2006, funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts.  In 2007, he served on the panel appointed by Virginia Governor Tim Kaine to investigate the shootings at VA Tech that left 33 dead.

The irony in this is that today’s shooting at Fort Hood was executed by a ’97 Virgina Tech grad. Irony, thy name is Virginia Tech, or handgun, or…right to bear arms in the name of freedom. Topic for another blog.

What was amazing most of all is that Gordon spoke with us via Skype. He was in Ramala, Israel (“A” on map above), and we were in Northridge, California (“B” on map above). 7,550 miles from our campus. It was 6 am his time (11/6/09), 8pm our time (11/5/09). Save for the occasional ‘jet plane’ sound, he came in as clear as if he were in the room with us. Now that is what I call “distance education.”

Tonight: more studying