Hallowe’en and Studying

stargate pumpkin2_small

Took a break from studying to day to carve a pumpkin. The front is, as you can quite clearly see, an active puddle within a Stargate. The back (carved in for ventilation purposes) holds the symbol for Earth. As I was taking the picture I realized I was also seeing the reflection of the Earth symbol behind my pumpkin which made for a nifty shot.

The pumpkin was grown in our own garden and has given its life for posterity (and fear-mongering) such as it is. The idea of an active wormhole so close to my house should frighten you just a bit anyway.

I am now 10.5 weeks into the 156-week (3 year) doctoral program, which means I am .07 complete! Woohoo! Can you tell I’m doing quantitative analysis this semester? Yummy. Stats. Gotta love ’em. What’s the p-value of your data? Have you eliminated the null hypothesis? What are your variables? Wheeeeeeee.

Off to read. Tonight: faculty costume party. Maybe I should go as a professor? I am attending with Peter Pan. Yes, the Peter Pan.