Dependent Variables, Covariants, Regression Analysis…Oh My!

Who knew research could have such…scary terminology? For example, I give you my notes on yesterday’s chapters:

  • Threats to validity – design issues may threatent the experiment so that the conditions reached from data may bprovide a false reading about probable cause and effect between ttreatment and outcome
  • Threats to internal validity – problems that threaten our ability to draw correct cause/effect inferences because of experimental procedures or experiences of participants.
    • Categories of threats: (pp 308-309)
      • Related to participants
      • Related to treatments
      • Related to procedures
  • Threats to external validity = problems that threaten our ability to draw correct inferences from the sample data to other persons, settins, and past and future situations
    • Categories of threats
      • Interaction of selection and treatment
      • Interaction of setting and treatment

Regression? Threats? Negative linear? Wow.

It’s taken seven weeks, but now I’m feeling it. That scary feeling of, “Uh, oh, what have I gotten myself into?” It’s a good feeling, actually. I was feeling distinctly unchallenged by the process thus far and wondering if I was wasting my time (and money). Now, however, I’ve got that biting, pressing feeling and truly, it’s welcome!

Now, having said that, I’m taking today off. Going to ogle the Sony Reader, attend a Moodle training, then go out for sushi with friends. Yum.