{Insert Pithy Blog Title Here}

Things are in fact settling down, at least in one area of my life.

It helps that the Mousehouse has no work right now, allowing me to catch up on schoolwork (both teaching and learnin’). I’m sure, as I’ve said before, it’ll be easier next term because I’ll have all my classes planned out already.


And I’m still hoping I’ll get in some fiction writing! Oh, how high the dreams they fly!

Some big HUGE ugly has reared its head from 20+ years ago, dragging me along for the ride. For the five of you who read this blog, either you’ll hear about it or you won’t, depending upon what part of the country you reside and just how well you really do know me. Suffice to say I’ve given police statements, and witness statements, and next week will be giving taped testimony at the local PD that will be sent off to parts unknown.

It’s gonna get ugly and most likely public.

So, with that added to my plate, I’m, in the words of my favorite actress, practicing my new mantra, “Above all, humility and grace.” As a mantra goes, that’s a good one. how successful am I? Well…let’s just say I’m working on it.

Tonight: what else? Studying.