Week 3…and the Beat Goes On…

I am still not entirely certain how it is possible to feel incredibly behind the curve at just 3 weeks in. I’m sure it has a great deal to do with overscheduling and trying to find wiggle room enough to let something go.

The “leadership” classes in this program are…well…let’s just say there’s a great deal of reading about self-improvement, written by white men who spent a career in sales. And the church. Or both.

The quant class is pretty cool, I love reading and sorting, quantifying and qualifying (finding themes, patterns, rhythms in the text) and then interpreting said data. But then…I’m weird that way.

I have managed to sneak in the odd short story or two and if you know me and my writing you know where to find same. I have more of those coming out…simply because I can’t NOT write and I need the mental escape.

Went back to the gym for the first time in months, despite doctor’s orders (wrist is still in the half-cast from surgery), but I just NEEDED to take a break and move some. 50 minutes on the bike later and I was back at it. I’m sure this would all be easier if I wasn’t building three courses from the ground up for the place I teach. If they have me back next spring this should be old hat, eh?

One last item: we managed to squeeze in an engagement party for M and R this weekend – a family BBQ and party, and there was cake…always a good thing. Lots of fun and it was really great to see everyone who came…especially those who made the surprise trip south!

Tonight: What else? Study.