Feel the Rhythm…

Or not. Finding a rhythm to this process is difficult. I feel a bit like that giant spider (Acromantula) in Harry Potter. You know, the one on skates that is really Ron’s boggart? Yeah, that one.

School – teaching 3 classes an hour from here (let’s not get into the raging, whomping 100,000+ acre wildfire between me and there).

School – learning – six hours once a week, and the reading…wow.

Work – still doing the illustration thing while the work’s there.

Writing – am I still doing that? Um…sure. Yes. You bet.

Toss in family time (and dog time), sleeping, eating, exercise, and still mostly doing this one-handed while the wrist is still in the half-cast.

::place hand on chest:: feel the rhythm, feel the rhythm…it’s in here…feel it. (Yes, that’s a movie reference. Bonus points to you if you get it – and not, it’s not Dirty Dancing.

Tonight: Watching the fire coverage and mourning the loss of the two LA Firefighter’s who died today, one of whom was expecting his first child in three weeks. Godspeed, gentlemen.