It’s begun. Six hours into the doctoral program and I’m still enjoying it! <snort!>

Today’s orientation was…overwhelming. The volume of what we’re biting off is insane. Three years to start and complete a doctoral program complete with comps and dissertation. Wowzers.

Can I do it? Golly, I hope so. I’m sure as hell going to give it one freaking amazing effort. We’re the first cohort to go through this program (the EdD (Educational Doctorate) with an emphasis on Community College Leadership). There’s a cohort ahead of us of K12 (for those not in the US that means for leaders in the grades kindergarten (K) through the end of high school (grade 12)), and two of them came to exhort us on to great things.

No pressure or anything, but ours (Cal State Northridge) is the only program to:

  1. Separate the K12 from the Community College program
  2. Not lose a single student in the first year (they started with 24 and thus far still have 24 (the same 24)).

Like I said, no pressure. Ugh.

So…follow along, read my pain, thrill with me on the highs as I discover what this is all about, empathize when I’m down…whatever. My goal is to blog at least once a week during this program, sort of like an online journal. No censoring (okay, maybe some censoring)…an unadulterated view of the process.

As of today my idea for a research topic for my diss is the redefinition of the distance learning model to include and accommodate socio-economic distance. To perhaps build a pilot program similar to the one I worked on at CSUN with the hybrid speech program for educational outreach. I think that combines my skills: online technology and new media, education, and communication.

But…it’s early days. Ask me again in a week.

Tonight: Trip to the store to find a new bookshelf and small table to accommodate the suddenly large volume of texts that are piled in my office and tackle this week’s reading, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith.

Tomorrow: write the syllabi for the three classes I’m teaching at Antelope Valley College, prepare my interview packet for my meeting with Mission College next week, and wrap up the last of my projects with Disney (and/or Sony) due this week – and pick up the specs for the next round of art from them.

I forget…did I schedule in sleep?


2 Comments on “Annnnnnnd….GO!”

  1. Jeannie says:

    I’ve toddled over from… your course sounds fascinating! Will be having a peak in to see how it goes.

  2. Paula says:

    Good luck with this. Sounds fascinating to me. I’ll keep an eye on you from out here.