My how quickly the days fly by! I’m trying to blog once each day but am finding that difficult. Luckily I am finding my goal to write each day a lot easier to accomplish. The Angels game on Sunday was loads of fun, especially with the two friends who were responsible for our adventure.

What a difference, the two ventues…Dodger Stadium versus Angel’s Stadium. Wow.

I think I prefer Angel’s Stadium. Among other things, the food’s much better.

Monday’s log:

No writing. Angel’s game and lots of laughts. And the gym.

Tuesday’s log:

Some writing, lots of plot work, and some birthday for for MK’s day. Gym time again.

Today’s log:

Not a lot of writing, but lots of good plot work accomplished and more good gym time.

Tonight: fancy dinner to celebrate MK’s birthday (sort of like the royal observance). Yum!