Annnd…Another Missed Day…But For Good Reason

So…as I said on Friday, I was going to go to my very first ever Dodger’s baseball game. Well, let me tell you what! For a first game, I sure got a good one. First…some photos:

Yes, these were our seats. Pretty much 18 rows back from home plate! Awesome, awesome seats. Thank you Don!!


Dodger Stadium…kind of a fun pic.


Us at the game. The little guy behind us kept kicking my seat – he was so excited. Too cute! (slightly gritted teeth). <grin>

And lastly…

IMG_0003 Me…and a Dodger Dog. At long last, a match made in heaven. Oh, and there was also cotton candy, coke (Zero) and frozen yogurt. Just to make the experience complete!

Really, I had an absolute blast.  A nail-biter of a game that ended in a bases-loaded WALK!! to score the final run to end it in an extra inning. Lots of fun.

So…for the writing.

I didn’t do much yesterday, what with the baby shower (oh…please…no more…) for a niece-by-marriage and then the Dodger Game. Friday, however, I knocked out 13 pages!

Having some plot difficulties on one item, but I’ll get that smoothed over. Also knocked out another fanfic story – keeps the blood flowing.

My day thus far (I am sure to repeat these words in my blog later). Get up, sit in the hot tub to ease my back. Clip the dog (whoa, did he need it! I think I have enough to knit myself a Charlie, Jr.), then wash said dog. That’s always fun.

MK is on the couch happily quilting and watching a really bad German war movie – her idea of a perfect day. Update on the movie: apparently everyone dies. Bummer.

I’m puttering on my laptop and considering doing some writing. All and all…a perfect Sunday.

Tonight: More of the above and hunt up something appropriately red for tomorrow’s Angels game.