Make-up Post

Didn’t post last night, mainly because I was writing! Woohoo!

Now…some of it was for-profit writing and some was for fun. The fun came in the form of fanfic, yet another Stargate story in a series of my own making (Click here to read it).

On the for-profit side I have been diligently working on that long-awaited novel. Having some plot issues to work out, but all in all things are shaping up nicely.

In other news, after tomorrow I shall no longer be a Dodger-dog virgin. Through the gracious efforts of a friend we’ve got fabulous seats for the game tomorrow. And, in a really weird coincidence, another friend gave us fabulous seats to the Angels game on Sunday. From 0 to two So-Cal baseball games in…16 years! Wowsers.

Should be quite the time. Have to fit in a baby shower too, so…hmmm.

Tonight: no writing, just reacquainting myself with my partner at the end of her very long week.