A New Leaf…at Least for the Summer

avatar charlieOkay…because the days of summer slip by so darned fast, I’ve decided to try to keep a daily log of activity. My plan for the summer, my last “free” one before starting the Doctoral program (year-round) in the fall (and the chair assures me that come fall, they “own” me!), is to write. My plan. That’s what it is. Since absolutely nobody is hiring contract illustrators right now that leaves me as the house-bound partner…a house-bound partner with a plan.

I’m gonna write.

I had a novel rejected, so that puts me right on track for a best-seller.

So…today’s log:

Writing – nil.

Finished all of my grading and posted same online. Woohoo! Ran errands, finished the Disney marketing piece I’m working on for the APTA section on pediatrics, made dinner (grilled chicken and ranch pasta salad).

Tonight’s plan: writing. Got a story that’s tugging at me and has to get down on the page.

Happy summer break.