Tuesday’s Child is Full of…?

CharlieI think I now know why the Great American Novel doesn’t get written. Who the hell can find the time?

I will write this summer, and something more income-generating than fanfic. I will.

Today’s log:

Worked out (yay!) for 45 minutes (9.27 miles) on the bike at the gym while watching SG1 on my iTouch. Awesome little machine, thanks Mr. Jobs and Friends.

Stopped at the store to buy two floor-stander fans – got to move the air in our house! They, alas, had no floorlamps, which is another necessity. I’ll leave that to tomorrow.

Paid some bills.

Spent six and a half hours making changes to the Disney/APTA/Ped’s Section Brochure for the 2010 WDW Marathon. Yeesh.

Pulled all of my “winter,” i.e. long pants and jeans  (this is California, after all) clothes out of the drawers and put them into one of those neat suck-em out bags so it’s now a heavy log of jeans and dress pants. Can’t wait for Fall. Open bag, shake out trousers, and voila! Winter. Such as it is. I did save out a pair of jeans and a pair of cargo pants. Just in case. You know, for the Vancouver trip.

Made dinner (a rerun of last night).

Writing: nil. :::sigh:::

Tomorrow, anon. (I’m sure I’m butchering some Shakespeare there.)

Tonight: PDA reading and some deep thought to which thing it is I am writing. Short story? Revise and resubmit the rejected novel? Polish off the other one? Get that script done? Hmmm. Decisions, decisions.