Cast is Off!… For now.

My cast is off after seven long weeks. So I have been writing again – mostly fanfiction. I also just spent two glorious days down in LA at the Screenwriting Expo and will blog about that tomorrow or Monday. We have guests in town so I may not make the big capper for the weekend there, the inestimable Aaron Sorkin will be interviewing the amazing and talented William Goldman! Augh!

Here’s hoping they film it for a DVD.

Tonight: steak and potato, relaxing with a houseful of guests


3 Comments on “Cast is Off!… For now.”

  1. Colloquielle says:

    Pol, Pol, Pol, Pol, Pol! It’s Solo from GW – I fetched up here because you mentioned your blog about your father’s passing and I originally came to read that but then saw this – Aaron Sorkin! William Goldman! Egads, woman, don’t leave me hanging – did you make it to that shindig?!

    • Pol says:

      Hey Solo,

      Yup, I did get there and it was…awesome! I was two seats off of the center aisle in the 3rd row. Great spot indeed.

  2. Colloquielle says:

    GAH! I’m so jealous! The creators of the West Wing (my favourite TV show of all time – sorry, SG-1 ;)) and the writer of the Princess Bride (one of my favourite movies ever) – man, that must’ve been incredible 😀