You Can’t Get There From Here and Other Musings…

Well, it’s been a quiet month here in Pol’s blog…which should not be taken as an indicator of my life. I have been contracting down in “The City” – which means down, ‘over the hill,’ into Los Angeles. When you live in Ventura County, Los Angeles truly is a land far, far away.

In an attempt to go green I decided to take public transportation. Now, I consider myself fairly intelligent; I have a Master’s degree, I’ve lived in a lot of places around the world, and navigated around countries with signs in languages I am not certain were meant to be read by humans. Having said that, it took me four days, uncountable hours online doing research, and several phone calls to determine how best to get from my town to one of the busiest business districts in the world. I did, finally, manage to take the train/bus/train/bus (in that order each way) with minimal use of my car–for four times the cost of the drive and an additional three hours. I think I’ll stay brown until the state can sort this out.

I have managed to survive my first week of teaching at the U. It’s rather a lot like teaching high school, I’ve discovered, but with a lot more nattering about on the Internet as my students sort out their enrollment. In another stunning example of the state’s administrative system, students are allowed to enroll in classes before receiving financial aid. They must, however, pay for the classes before the semester begins. Note, of course, that financial aid does not appear in their accounts until two weeks after classes begin. This means that a student enrolls in my class, waits for financial aid to kick in, then are automatically kicked out of my class for nonpayment. Then they must scramble to get back into (or replace) their classes.

And lastly…Obama. What a speech. What a convention. If you missed Bill Clinton’s speech (which was damned easy to do since the networks felt it unworthy of airtime), you missed a great speech. Hillary’s was good too, but I thought Bill kicked it. Oh, and Michelle Obama. Helluva job.

Then, of course, came – to quote Paris Hilton (now there’s something I never thought I’d say) – “wrinkly, old white guy” who named his running mate, Sarah Palin. Here is a man who swears he’s going to go to Washington and not play games the way the ‘establishment’ does, and he makes the smarmiest move in the campaign to date. Talk about greasing the system…wait until Obama’s day has come and then announce a woman as your running mate.

Suck it up, McCain. Be a man. Stand up and announce your running mate not as a political stunt but as a candidate who firmly believes in his choice. By announcing Palin the day after Obama’s speech you played old Washington politics to the hilt. You made the announcement of the first woman GOP VP candidate into a circus act. Disgusting. That, to me, signifies you are exactly what you claim not to be. I’d like it if there were a deadline for candidates to announce their choices. That it happen the same day/hour for both. Let the chips fall where they may.

Tonight: BBQ and relaxing with the family. And writing, of course.