A Dearth of Blog Posts

I have been remiss and I apologize. To the two or three of you that read this blog I have been remarkably absent. I was laid off the last day of our honeymoon (and doesn’t that just put a cap on your day vacation?). I then spent the week following that layoff frantically job-searching.

I am scheduled to start teaching at CSUN in the fall, but that will be just two classes this semester, tantamount to part-time work. Nobody in California who is not anybody can survive on that.

On the plus side I’ve landed a gig at Causeforce, and fantastic company based in West Hollywood. They (we) plan and coordinate the “Cure for Cancer” events, mainly the ones in Canada. I’m in the art department designing and producing collateral material. It feels fantastic to be producing work for something that matters in a big way.

I feel like working here is a step in the right direction. Most of their events are in Canada. Where do I want to write for television? Vancouver. ::sigh:: Someday.

I’ve put it out to the universe, and to those on the selection boards for NBC, CBS and Disney’s diversity writer’s programs, that I want to write for television.

Are you hearing me, universe?

Meanwhile I am writing fanfiction like mad, set in the Stargate universe. You can find that here.

Tonight: Olympic swimming and writing.


One Comment on “A Dearth of Blog Posts”

  1. Karin says:

    Good luck with the universe, Pol! I hope it has heard you, loud and clear.