Wedding Sketchers and Romance

Aren't these great? Wedding Sketchers!

Aren't these great? Wedding Sketchers!

So, the wedding sneakers are purchased. I didn’t set out to buy sneakers, per se, but needed something compfy and cream-ish to go with the amazing suit Megdar made for me. We wandered the stores and could only find ugly, clunky ‘guy shoes’ and that just wouldn’t do. Then…voila! There they were. Angels sang, choirs chorused…and then we were off on the next five errands for the upcoming event. Gah.

On Joe’s blog today (see list to the right) he answered a fan’s question thusly:

“Sam was on maternity leave, was she married to Pete?”

Answer: Nope. She was married to Jack.

If you don’t know who the above are, then simply skip over the rest of this blog and come back tomorrow. For those who do know…well, let’s just say that Joe’s comment was another in a thrilling series of hints and tidbits being handed us by TPTB lately. It’s been a virtual glut of yummy “confirmation” bits and pieces that have Carter/O’Neill ‘shippers around the world curling their toes and squealing (or squeeing) like 10-year-old girls at a Hannah Montana concert.

Ah, the thrill of promised romance. And the benefit of the Internet. We’re getting more solid confirmation from writers and producers of shows by the minute than we ever did in ten years of watching. Whatever did fans of a show do before they had the ‘net to which to turn? Ah, I remember now…fanfic.

If you don’t know, and you probably don’t, I did my Master’s thesis on fanfic. I know it seems rather silly when put that way, but it was, more accurately, a discussion of the phenomenon of textual poaching (to quote the inestimable Henry Jenkins) and the rediscovery of narrative storytelling by the general populace. Whew…heady stuff. If you’re at all interested, send me a comment, I’ll shoot you a copy. Research, like books, money, and manure isn’t good for anything unless it’s spread around.

Other things on the agenda for the week as Kit and I count down the minutes to our now state-sanctioned (for the moment) wedding are the ongoing preparations for classes this fall. This will be my first foray into teaching at the college level – other than the occasional guest-lecture gig or per diem fill-in. It’s a hybrid public speaking course, a concept which should, frankly, boggle the mind. And it does. No little pressure, the woman who really wanted to hire me is a mentor and friend…and I’m a wee bit terrified of letting her down. I need to reread the textbook – of course, it is one that wasn’t even written when I took the course a zillion years ago as an undergrad.

I’m also trying to finish that spec script – which is coming together rather well, I think.  A colleague spotted it on my desk the other day and began paging through it. He’s an ex-actor and was quite excited. “Are you auditioning?” “No,” I replied. “I wrote that.” “You’re kidding!” So, that’s either good or bad. I’m leaning toward good.

Tonight: Watching our DVR’d SGA Atlantis episode and writing.


2 Comments on “Wedding Sketchers and Romance”

  1. Donna Josie says:

    Dig the Sketchers. Looking forward to the wedding photos. Oh, and Charlie? Charming.

    Donna Josie.

  2. Donna Josie says:

    Uh, YEAH I want to read your thesis. Please send.