Dreams and Dreamers

Charlie (the wonder dog) pondering his next spate of prose.

Charlie (the wonder dog) pondering his next spate of prose.

Peter Bogdanovich hired me yesterday, as his assistant. I was sitting in Starbucks writing the best Stargate Atlantis script that will ever be seen when he and some other man sat at the table next to me and began spinning a story. I could see that neither of them were taking notes, so I quietly began jotting things down. First Peter, then the guy, then Peter…the synergy was amazing. At one point Peter looked up and said to his companion, “Hey, someone should be writing this stuff down, it’s great! I shyly chimed in, “Well, sir, I have been.” Peter leaned over and reviewed my copious notes, examining how beautifully formatted and accurate my notes were. He sat back in his chair, signaled for the Barista to bring us all another round and exclaimed, “Now you’re exactly what I need in a writer’s assistant! You’re hired!”

Then I woke up.

Honestly, I don’t even know that I’ve seen one of his movies. In fact, thinking about it, when I looked up his name in Google this evening, the face staring back at me wasn’t the face of the man at Starbucks. I don’t even know who it was who hired me! Granted, I could sit next to someone exceptionally famous and not know it was “them,” until much later, but…whatever.

Well, that’s not true. We, my sweetie and I…who we’ll call MK…saw Pierce Brosnan in Kauai two years ago. He was being seated at a restaurant not far from his home (swear I’m not a stalker, I just happen to know that). Let me tell you what. That man, in person, is just plain breathtaking. Woe betide the casting director he chats with. The man is, simply, dangerous. We were breathless. Honestly, without breath. Whew, Pierce is charisma personified.

So, other than my brush with someone who may or may not have been Peter Bogdanovich hiring me at Starbucks, today was a day of ticking things off of our list in preparation for the wedding next week. Oh happy day, indeed.

Tonight: Mamma Mia (the film) with friends. Brava.


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  1. Mary Gleeson says:

    To be Mr. Bogdanovich’s assistant writer-would be in any respect an honor. I stumbled on this and thought; ‘wouldn’t I love to hear Peter Bogdanovich stories and his love for cinema?” Yes, I would and I have. The man has seen most of it all and has been an icon in the history of film with his creative genuis that is so unique and so enchanting that it brings an allure of old Hollywood which I also love come to life again. I had the honor of speaking to Peter Bogdanovich on business pitches and he gave me time that most wouldn’t. I am a film Executive Producer and I admire his work-and if he hired you and it wasn’t a dream-I’d say when you get back from your honeymoon-that the real show begins. MG